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    Ultraman Seal Sticker - Chocolate Snack

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    A new deformed collection sticker series that collects popular characters of successive Ultraman is now available!

    ――Square stickers express impressive poses and scenes of attractive characters such as Ultraman Trigger and Ultraman Tiga.
    ――All kinds of illustrations are drawn, and the seal rarity is developed in 3 stages of silver, holo, and secret!

    --1 character sticker (25 types in total / 2 secret types)
    1. 1. Ultraman trigger
    2. Secret A
    3. Ultraman Z
    4. Secret B
    5. Sevenger
    6. Ultraman Taiga
    7. Ultraman Rosso
    8. Ultraman Bull
    9. Ultraman Geed
    10. Ultraman Orb
    11. Ultraman X
    12. Ultraman Victory
    13. Ultraman Ginga
    14. Ultraman Zero
    15. 15. Ultraman Mebius
    16. Hunter Night Tsurugi
    17. Juggling juggler
    18. Ultoroid Zero
    19. Ultraman Tregia
    20. Ultraman Gaia
    21. Ultraman Aguru
    22. Ultraman Dyna
    23. Ultraman Tiga
    25. Ultraman Belial