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Ultraman Ultra Monster Directory -Ruth of Hope-

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Title: Frozen Monster Pegira
Beginning in 2002, 25 titles have been developed by 2007, and in the series of Ultraman Shokugan series that have been loved as desktop diorama [Ultra Monster Directory] second edition appeared.

-The second series will feature the first appearance of the series "Submarine Lagon" and "Space Ebostang".
-The staff who knows the time gathers, follows the charm of the time, and develops while weaving the latest molding power and painting technology.

-1 colored model (all 5 types)
1. Frozen Monster Pegira
2. Coin Monster Kanegon
3. Ancient Monster Gomez Vs Primitive Monster Litra
4. Submarine Ragon
5. Space Aibostang

-1 chewing gum
Item Size/Weight : 23 x 8.7 x 7 cm / 215g