Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Collection Pack "Animation Chronicle" [AC03] (Japanese)

Title: Booster Box (15pcs)

The 2023 edition of "ANIMATION CHRONICLE", which mainly includes cards that appeared in successive "Yu-Gi-Oh" series animations, is now available! The cards used by the duelists in the work have finally been turned into OCG cards and can be used in actual duels! Quarter century secret rare, secret rare, and collector's rare cards that are valuable as collections are also included, so please look forward to it!

Product content
  • 1 pack: 5 pieces
  • 1 box: 15 packs included
  • Card type: All 60 types + 1 type
  • [Quarter Century Seacret Rare ・・・ 1 type / Ultra Rare ・・・ 3 types / Super Rare ・・・ 8 types / Normal Parallel ・・・ 18 types / Normal ・・・ 30 types ]
  • *One box does not include all 61 types.
  • *Six of all cards have collector's rare specifications.
  • * Secret rare specifications also exist for 24 types of all cards.
  • * There is also a normal parallel specification for the quarter century secret rare card.
  • *Product specifications are subject to change.