Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG "Dawn of Majesty" [1105] (Japanese)

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Gathering feelings evoke a shining miracle.
"Shooting Saver Star Dragon" !!

The first in 2021 of the basic pack that contains the must-have cards for all duelists! The "Stardust Dragon", which is managed by the main character "Yusei" of the anime "5D's", will evolve with new power! Support cards for "Stardust" and "Saber" are included, and new trump cards are also available! In addition to the appearance of new series and the recording of enhanced cards of existing series, it also includes powerful cards with high versatility! Also pay attention to the "+1 bonus pack" included in the first production version BOX !!

  • 1 pack: 5 pieces
  • 1 box: 30 packs
  • Card types: All 80 types
    [Ultra Rare ... 8 types / Super Rare ... 10 types / Rare ... 18 types / Normal ... 44 types]

* 1 Box does not have all 80 types.
* Ultimate rare specifications are also available for ultra rare cards.
* Super Rare / Ultra Rare Cards also have Secret Rare specifications and Prismatic Secret Rare specifications.
* There is also a holographic rare specification for one of the 80 types of cards.
* Product specifications are subject to change.