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Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Deck Build Pack "Grand Creators" [DBGC] (Japanese)

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Title: Booster Box-15packs

Create a glittering world!

Introducing the 9th deck build pack that contains cards of the same series and you can enjoy deck building with just the recorded cards! This time too, three different types of series and easy-to-use cards that strengthen the deck are included. "PUNK" that develops level 8 with the effect and connects to level 11 S monsters with the level 3 psychic tuner as the axis, "Exo Sister" that does not allow the opponent's graveyard to use the X monster as the main force, "Brave" Introducing a new series that utilizes "Tokens"!

Yugioh OCG Duel Monsters Deck Build Pack Grand Creators

"PUNK" --Go flashy!  Resonate your soul!  !!

A deck that revolves around a level 3 psychic tuner, calls level 8 fusion monsters that can be special summoned from your hand, and level 8 fusion monsters that can be called by 2 friends, and connects them to level 11 S monsters on the trump card.

The attack power of the S monster is 3000, and it also has a flashy effect that blows away the cards of the opponent's field at once !! Its power increases according to the number of types of friends in the field / graveyard !!!!

Level 8 fusion monsters support the development and success of S monsters! From the effect of splitting, you can bring it to the development that leads to S summoning, or you can give the effect of using S material to attack the trump card twice !!

In addition, the magic / trap card has the effect of countering the effect of the opponent and the effect of capturing the opponent's lineup, creating an advantageous situation.

Wipe out the opponent's field with a flashy effect and win with a powerful continuous attack!

"Exo Sister" --Gather at the end, save maiden!  Exorcise the devil with a miracle of blessing!  !!

"Exo Sister" is a deck that fights while fighting against or blocking the opponent's use of the graveyard by its effect, with the X monster as the main force.

In addition to aiming for X Summon with 2 special summons using "Stella" and "Eris", there is also an X Summon from 1 Level 4 monster that has the effect of activating when a card moves from the graveyard depending on the opponent!

X monsters not only have the effect of countering monsters specially summoned from the graveyard, but also have the effect of adding cards from the deck to your hand and capturing the opponent's lineup, so let's deploy X monsters according to the situation!

Magic / trap cards also strongly support the development that leads to X summons!

Create a situation where you can aim for X summons on your opponent's turn, and fight while restraining your opponent !!

"The story of a brave man who begins with the ritual of Alamesia" --What does a brave man see in the land of adventure?

A series of battles using a wide variety of magic cards and "Brave Tokens".
Starting from the "Alamesia Ceremony", special summon the "Brave Token", which is the center of your strength, and connect it to the "Journey of Destiny", and add monsters and equipment magic cards to your hand to get ready! !!

Monsters can be special summoned if they have a "Brave Token", and their activities are supported by equipment magic. In addition, many cards have the effect of withdrawing or reusing cards from the deck or graveyard, and the development of fighting while preparing the lineup one after another is powerful!

Yugioh OCG Duel Monsters Deck Build Pack Grand Creators
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Yugioh Official Card Game Duel MonstersDeck build pack Grand Creators
Saturday, August 28, 2021
165 yen (main unit price 150 yen)
  • 1 pack: 5 pieces
  • 1 box: 15 packs
  • Card types: All 45 types
    [Ultra Rare ・ ・ ・ 3 types / Super Rare ・ ・ ・ 12 types / Normal ・ ・ ・ 30 types]

  • * 1 Box does not have all 45 types.
  • * There is also a secret rare specification for ultra rare cards.
  • * Parallel specifications exist for all 30 types of normal.
  • * Product specifications are subject to change.