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Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Duel Monsters Deck Build Pack Amazing Defenders [DBAD] (Japanese)

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Title: Single Pack (Random)

The 11th edition of the deck build pack that contains cards from the same series and allows you to enjoy building a deck with only the recorded cards! This time also includes 3 series of different types and easy-to-use cards that strengthen the deck. "R-ACE" that boldly confronts any threat, "Purely" that attracts Xyz monsters that grow with the love it receives, and "Mikanko" that fights with ritual monsters descended by a mysterious dance. ” Appears!


Monsters of justice who boldly confront any threat appear! There are many monsters with effects that can be activated during the opponent's turn as if responding to the opponent's actions, and it is attractive to see the development of friends with such coping abilities rushing to the rescue one after another.

High-level monsters also have the effect of special summoning themselves, so hurry up and fight! Among them, the level 9 ace monster "Turbulence" has a powerful effect, and you can set up to 4 quick-play spells and normal traps from your deck to turn from a defensive battle to an offensive one! Quench the spreading war with powerful formations that disrupt!

By the way, if you have “Hydrant”, you can activate quick-play spells and trap cards set by Ace’s effect on the same turn they are set!! Also, field spells have the effect of returning related cards to the deck while drawing them. , The long-term battle that defense continues is also nothing!


A “Mikoto” that fights with ritual monsters descended by a mysterious
dance──Let’s attack with 3 monsters with 0 ATK/DEF that reflect battle damage and inflict damage on the opponent while making use of a variety of equipment magic. ! Among them, the effect of the Ritual Monster "Oohime no Miko" is important. Set the stage with the effect of equipping.

Field spells force opponent monsters to attack monsters equipped with equipment cards, block the activation of opponent's spells, traps, and monster effects during battle with allies, and have "Mikoto" perform follow-up attacks on monsters. It creates an advantageous stage, such as having the effect of making

Take control of opponent's monsters as if inviting them to dance, revive monsters targeted for reflected damage from the opponent's graveyard, and manipulate the opponent's field at will to make dancing princesses active!


"Purely" fights with Xyz monsters that grow with the love they receive. Quick-play magic that depicts a memorable scene is not only the key to development, but it is also an important card that gives an effect to the X monster when it becomes an X material.

Level 1 “Purely”, which can be summoned from the deck with 3 types of quick-play magic, shows the quick-play magic in his hand and grows into an Xyz monster (it can be summoned repeatedly by X summoning itself). If you have the quick-play magic "Happy Memory", it will grow to Rank 2 "Happiness", if it is "Pretty Memory" it will grow to "Beauty", and if it is "Delicious Memory" it will grow to "Plump", and that quick-play magic will also be added as a material.

And these rank 2 "Purely" have the effect of adding it to the material when quick-play magic is activated (the effect that can interfere with the opponent can also be applied), so increase the material to 5 or more and use the high rank " Let's grow into "Purely".

By the way, Rank 7 “Expurely Happiness” is good at negating the effects of all monsters on the opponent’s field and attacking with powerful effects that deal 1500 damage with effects, and Rank 7 “Expurely Noir” , You can strengthen your defense by manipulating effects that block your opponent's activated effects and effects that return cards on the opponent's field or Graveyard to the Deck.

  • 1 pack: 5 pieces
  • 1 box: 15 packs included
  • Card types: 45 types
    [Ultra rare: 3 types / Super rare: 12 types / Normal: 30 types]