Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structure Deck: "Cyber Style's Successor" [SD41] (Japanese)

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Inheriting the mystery of cyber style! Look!
Cyber ​​Dark End, Five consecutiveFive consecutive hits! !!

"Cyber ​​style", which won the second place in the structure deck "theme" vote 2020, has been commercialized! Earn the number of votes alongside the 1st place "Ice Barrier" and make it a structure deck !! Call a new trump card with a tactic that seems to be a fusion of the "cyber style" on the front and back, and its threatening attack power and continuity Let's attack vigorously with an attack! Also includes new cards that support deployment. Let's strengthen the deck and play with the included strengthening pack "Cyber ​​style mystery soden pack"!


  • Pre-built deck (43 cards): 1
  • Cyber ​​style mystery soden pack (5 cards): 1 pack
  • Special Duel Field (for 1 person) / Playing Guide: 1

*There are also secret rare specifications for the 5 types of cards in the Cyber ​​Style / Mystery Soden Pack.
*Product specifications are subject to change.