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Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structure Deck "Masters of the Spiritual Arts" [SD39] (Japanese)

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Days to walk with spirits.
Dance with a single flower, with gorgeous colors.

Introducing the structure decks of the more popular "spiritual masters"! Tactics have been greatly enhanced with new cards, and many related cards that have appeared so far are also included! In addition to the pre-built deck, a "spiritual awakening pack" is included, and the four "possessed" monsters that are recorded may be included in secret rare specifications and new illustrations !! Token card and duel field There are 5 types of illustrations in, and you can enjoy opening them to see which one is included!

Yugioh OCG Duel Monsters STRUCTURE DECK Spiritual User

Introducing pre-built decks of "spiritual masters" who control the power of spirits!

Introducing a structure deck in which "spiritual masters" play an active role. Let's fight using support cards such as "Haunted Awakening", including "spiritual messenger" monsters corresponding to each attribute! Also, pay attention to the new field magic card that negates the monster effect activated by the opponent!

The secret of the spiritual awakening pack

The Spiritual Awakening Pack contains 4 "possessed" monsters! Moreover, not only are there cards with secret rare specifications, but there are also cards with new illustrations (secret rare specifications) !! There are 4 super rare cards and 1 secret rare card in the pack. Included ── One of the pleasures is which card is included in the secret rare specification.

Familiar of "spirit messenger" is possessed and awakened !!

Like a "possessed" monster, it has the effect of rushing from the deck as well as from the hand, and delivers a powerful effect with its appearance! The effect of adding a support card from the deck to the hand is also powerful, supporting the fight according to the situation. Also pay attention to the new "possession" trap card that supports the development of "spiritual masters" !!

Related cards that strengthen the deck are also re-recorded!

Many related cards such as familiars of "spiritual masters" are re-recorded together! Together with the spiritual awakening pack, it strongly supports your deck construction!

Also includes powerful cards and compatible cards !!

Also pay attention to the re-recorded cards that go well with the tactics of this deck! There are also many powerful cards that can be used in various decks!

One token card is randomly included from all 5 types!

All token cards are super rare specifications with newly drawn illustrations! There are 5 types of illustrations, and you can enjoy opening them to see which one is included!

Duel field / playing guide is also included!