Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Structure Deck R "Devil's Gate" [SR13] (Japanese)

The 13th installment of "Structure Deck R", which has been renewed with new cards while maintaining the concept of the once popular Structure Deck! The charm of "Devil's Gate", which is based on "Dark World" that develops while utilizing the effect that can be activated when it is discarded from the hand, is revived! In addition to being reborn with new cards that strengthen tactics and compatible support cards, an enhancement pack is also included!

A fusion monster that uses “Dragon God of Dark World, Grapha” + dark attribute as a fusion material appears!

The effect that changes the opponent's activated effect to "The opponent chooses and discards 1 card from their hand" brings out the effect of the "Dark World" card in your hand, which is intense!! ” and reconfigure the battle line with the effect of discarding your hand.
Also, a new Quick-Play Spell Card that can be Fusion Summoned by excluding materials from the field or Graveyard, when Fusion Summoning "Dark World", you can discard monsters from your hand and use them as Fusion Materials!

And now there's a Level 8 card that has the effect of reviving from the graveyard! It also has an effect that adds a high-level ally to your hand, and if it is discarded by an "opponent's" effect and activated, you can also summon an ally of Level 4 or lower from your Deck or Graveyard to either you or your opponent's field!

In addition, it has powerful quick-play magic that removes up to 3 cards from each other's graveyards and discards demons, and has the effect of adding the removed allies to the hand.

Pay attention to the "Dark World" deck that has become more and more powerful with new cards!!

It contains 5 cards that strengthen your deck, so add it to your deck and enjoy the duel! There are secret rare specifications for all 5 types (1 ultra rare type, 4 super rare types), and 1 secret rare is randomly recorded in 1 pack!

  • "Opened Abyss Door Pack" (5 types of cards / 1 ultra rare specification / 4 super rare specifications included): 1 pack
  • Special Duel Field (for 1 person) / Playing Guide: 1 sheet
  • * Secret rare specifications exist as parallels for the 5 types of cards in the "Opened Abyss Door Pack".