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Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Structure Deck R "Lost Sanctuary" [SR12] (Japanese)

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The 12th edition of "Structure Deck R", which has been renewed with new cards, keeps the concept of the structure deck that was once popular! This time, the charm of "Lost Sanctuary", in which the angels who fight with a strategy that makes use of the "sanctuary of the sky" play an active role as the main force, is revived! Not only will it be reborn with new cards that enhance tactics and support cards that are outstandingly compatible, but also enhancement packs will be included!

The legendary deck revives in a new way!  The 12th "Structure Deck R" is "Lost Sanctuary" !!

A new Level 10 Synchro Monster has arrived!
When the opponent activates the effect, it has a powerful effect that removes one card from the field in response to it !! Furthermore, by sending a friend from your hand, deck, or EX deck to the graveyard, you can get the effect of that friend. Also!
Also, pay attention to the new level 8 "Hyperion", which not only allows you to land on the field as many times as you like with the effect of special summoning yourself from your hand / graveyard, but also excludes the effect of combat damage affecting your opponent and cards in the graveyard. It also has the effect of
Also, pay attention to the cards that strongly support the development to an advantageous lineup, and the level 5 synchro / tuner and link 2 monsters that have the effect of pulling out the key cards of the deck as well as obstruction!

Related cards are also re-recorded!

Many related cards that have appeared so far, such as "agent" monsters and cards related to "sanctuary in the sky", are re-recorded! "Sacred Sphere" is recorded in two pieces, normal and normal parallel.

Many cards that go well with each other are also included!

A lot of cards related to the angels and cards with powerful effects that can be used in various decks are also included!

[With secret rare] Includes "Sun God Korin Pack" to strengthen the deck!

There are 5 cards to strengthen your deck, so enjoy the duel in addition to your deck! There are secret rare specifications in all 5 types (1 type of ultra rare specification, 4 types of super rare specification), and 1 secret rare is randomly recorded in 1 pack !!

  • Pre-built deck (43 cards): 1
  • "Sun God Korin Pack" (5 types of cards / 1 ultra rare specification / 4 super rare specifications): 1 pack
  • Special Duel Field (for 1 person) / Playing Guide: 1
  • * There is also a secret rare specification as a parallel to the 5 types of cards in the "Taiyo Shinkorin Pack".
  • * Product specifications are subject to change.