Bushiroad Sleeve Protector Super Hard Over Sleeve [BSLC-009, BSLC-010, BSLC-011, BSLC-012]

Title:Mini (Clear)

Dimensions suitable for protection of mini size sleeve.
Bushiroad thickest and hardest over sleeve.
Standard double-sided clear specification.
Guard the important sleeve firmness and thickness firmly.
Made in Japan.

  • 50 over sleeves
  • Sleeve size: length 93 × width 65 mm
  • Surface: Clear, Back side: Clear
  • OP bag with header
  • Material: PP

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Bushiroad Thickest & Hardest over sleeve appeared in 4 different sizes and specifications! :
BSLC-012 Small Size Both Clear Super Hard
BSLC-010 Small Size Mat & Clear Super Hard
BSLC-011 Standard Size Both Clear Super Hard
BSLC-009 Standard Size Mat & Clear Super Hard