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    Dragon Ball MG Figure-rise 1/8 Son Goku

    New series starts! [Son Goku] has been turned into a plastic model kit!

    - His emotions have been reproduced with the variation of his hands and face! Comes with modeling parts to express the range of emotions from the animation.
    - His clothing uses a new movement partition, allowing for a greater range of action.
    - By preserving the movement range of the shoulder parts, a greater range of action has been acquired. With the combination of the movement range of clothing parts, the arms can be widely brought forward.
    - By giving the neck multiple joints, a real human emotion has been captured. With 3 pivotal points in the neck, the forward, backward, and sides movement can be given extra poses of 'looking up' and 'pulling chin in', allowing for recreating expressions.
    - The expressed biceps allow for more natural human movement. By taking in the muscle structure, it is possible to reproduce humanly expressions.
    - The mobility of the hip joint allows for a wide range of movements. By adding vertical movement to the hip joint, movement space of the legs has been acquired, making a great range of poses possible.
    - The two pivots of the abdomen allow a variety of expressions. By using two pivots, it is possible to add more depth to the action poses in addition to the forward, back, and side movements.
    - The twisting movement of the ankle allows for greater standing angles. The combination of the ankle joint allows for greater ability to pose settings.
    - The display stand included allows for displaying a variety of poses.
    - Face parts x2
    - Hand parts x2
    - Display Stand x1

    Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20.1 x 13.2 cm / 539g