Kamen Raider Figure Rise Standard Kamen Rider DECADE

- Kamen Rider Decade featuring a variety of optional parts including 26 types of rider cards, is now available in Figure-rise Standard!

- It is possible to assemble the head in the image of a transformation scene by dividing the parts unique to the plastic model.
- Ridebooker can be assembled in 3 types: sword type, gun type, and carrying type.
- 26 kinds of PET rider cards that can be loaded on the belt are included.
- Includes adapter to attach the belt to other Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider series.
- Neo Decadriver is also included.

・Rider card x 26 types
・Ridebooker (carrying form/gun form/sword form) x 1 each
・Neo decay driver x 1
・Belt adapter x 7 types
・Wrist parts Grip hand (left and right), open hand (left and right), weapon holding hand (right hand), card holding hand (right hand)
・Figure-rise effect pedestal x 1
・Foil seal x 1
・Tetron seal x 1