Vividz Start Deck 01 "Kyoka Saijyo" [VD01] (Japanese)

“I am the strongest!”

A pre-constructed deck set recommended for those who play Vividz " for the first time with "Mogami Kyouka" !

VD01 Start Deck Kyouka Mogami

An all-in -one set that includes everything you need to play the completely new TCG " Vividz " sent by Broccoli for the first time 

This set is recommended for those who want to play with Kyouka Mogami cards !

Let's aim for the strongest with "Kyoka Mogami"!

Release date

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Product specifications

54 start deck cards (18 types in total) <18 new cards>

  • The cards included in the start deck are new cards that will not be included in the booster pack
    "Cyber: Genesis" released at the same time.
  • Field for play
  • Rules guide
  • 54 cards (including 3 mission cards and 1 account card)