Vividz Start Deck 02 "Tenso Rei" [VD02] (Japanese)

“Top ranker with genius skin”

A pre-constructed deck set recommended for those who play " Vividz " for the first time with "Rei Tendou"!

VD02 Start Deck Tenso Rei

An all-in -one set that includes everything you need to play the completely new TCG " Vividz " sent by Broccoli for the first time 

This set is recommended for those who want to play with the cards of "Tenso Rei"!

Let's clear the mission brilliantly together with "Rei Tenso"!

Release date

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Product specifications

54 start deck cards (18 types in total) <18 new cards>

  • The cards included in the start deck are new cards that will not be included in the booster pack
    "Cyber: Genesis" released at the same time.
  • Field for play
  • Rules guide
  • 54 cards (including 3 mission cards and 1 account card)